Ethtree Documentation
Welcome to our Ethtree documentation page. Here you can find descriptions of how to use our DApp and answers to commonly asked questions.

Ethtree - Batch Transaction DApp

Home Page
On our Home page there is one important feature, our logo! Just kidding, it's of course our button that allows you to start a batch transaction on either Ethereum's Mainnet or Rinkeby Network. Rinkeby Network is Ethereum's test network, so if you want to test out Ethtree you would use the Rinkeby setting. Once you're ready for the real thing you can switch to the Mainnet setting and click the start button to begin our simple process.

Page 1 - Private Key

After clicking our start button, a page will appear that asks you to enter your Ethereum private key. This is the first step of linking your personal Ethereum account so Ethtree can distribute your tokens. We want to make it extremely clear that Ethtree never has your private key nor is it stored anywhere. It's 100% client side and doesn't leave your computer.

Page 2 - Token Address

On our next page Ethtree will ask for the token information you're sending. You will need both the contract address of the token your sending and how many decimals the token has. You can find this information on or Simply copy and paste them in and we're ready to move on to the next page.

Page 3 - Recipient List Upload

After entering your token information, the next page will be where you upload your list of recipients or addresses that you will be sending your tokens to. This list has to be in a .CSV file format. The .CSV file should read the address first, then a comma and finally the token amount. Once your address list is in the proper .CSV format you can click the upload button and navigate to your file. Once your file uploads you can hit the next button to move on! .
CSV format example below:
0x8Ff3C8a1dB6F543007f1177b52506383818aB2FB,2550 0x8F43C8a0da6F343027f7163b52506623811aF4AB,1785 0x8F43C8a0dBBT443123f7145b58906383810aA7BF,2197
Once your file is uploaded you should see a file path showing where you .csv file is located.

Page 4 - Gas Price

Before entering any information on this page we highly suggest you head over to and see what the current suggested gas price is. After finding out the suggested gas price, you can go back to the Ethtree DApp and enter in the same number or one number higher to ensure a smooth delivery. This step is very important. We suggest monitoring the gas prices at for at least 30 to 60 minutes before starting your batch transactions. When the network is stable and the suggested gas prices have been the same for an extended period of time is the best time to start using Ethtree.
Pull Gas Price from Ethgasstation Feature
We created a cool little feature that actually pulls the gas prices from Ethgasstation allowing your batch transaction to process smoothly. The only caveat is if you start your batch process paying 1 Gwei, that price could increase while your batch transactions are processing. By clicking this feature, Ethtree would then start paying the higher suggested price so your transactions would continue to go through. An ideal time to use this feature would be if you see the suggested gas rising and dipping in a specific range. If you know the gas prices has stayed between 1 and 3 and you're comfortable paying that price in gas you can check this option and rest easy knowing Ethtree will pay the right amount of gas and your transactions will go through in a timely manner. After you've set your gas price its time to move on to the next page!

Page 5 - Batch Transaction Summary and Pricing

On this page you will find a quick recap of the info you've entered on the previous few pages. Please double check to ensure all your information is correct and your recipient list is uploaded. If this information is incorrect Ethtree is not responsible for where your tokens get sent. Entering your information correctly is very important and should be double checked at all times.
Cost Breakdown
On the right side of the summary page you will see the price breakdown. This shows you the number of transfers or addresses you're sending to, the Ethtree fee per address you're sending to and then the Ethereum network fee (gas) associated with each transaction. Below this info will be your total cost in Ether that you will be paying for your batch transactions. The Ethtree fee is $0.10 per address you send to, converted to Ether. The Network Fee will be whatever the gas price is at the time of your batch transaction times the amount of addresses you're sending to. Once all of your info is correct and you have enough ether in your wallet to cover the total cost you can click start.


After clicking start you will be prompted one last time before officially starting your batch transactions. We want to make it very clear that Ethtree is not responsible for any failed transactions or tokens sent to wrong addresses. We're extremely confident our app is fully functioning and works exactly the way we want it to as long as all your info and the gas information is correct. At the same time, we're here to help you if you do encounter an issue or need help getting your batch transaction to work. If for some reason our fee was collected but your batch transaction didn't go through, we will of course refund you the Ether sent to our contact. Thats the beauty of the blockchain, we'll easily be able to see what happened and where the process stopped.


All thats left to do is watch Ethtree do its thing. You will see hash links populate as your batch transactions are processing. You can click these links once you see a green checkmark to see your transactions as they process. If you need to stop the process for any reason you can click cancel and all remaining transactions wont be sent. Once Ethtree is finished you can also download a receipt of your batch transactions by clicking the receipt button.

After Using Ethtree

Please feel free to reach out to us on twitter at @ethtreeio or on our telegram channel to let us know how your experience was. We appreciate all feedback and any suggestions you might have to make Ethtree even better!
Last modified 3yr ago